Myths about Your Motor Oil

At your office or at a dinner party, you might hear myths about motor oil that are accepted as common knowledge. Let's debunk one of those myths right now.

Have you heard the one about changing your oil before a long trip? You do not necessarily have to follow this so-called rule. You should change your oil based upon the mileage recommended by your car's manufacturer. For example, if your owner's manual advises oil changes every 5,000 miles, simply follow that guideline. If your trip will roll your mileage number past the manufacturer's limit since your last oil change, you can decide whether to change your oil early or during the trip. Choose your most convenient option.

Reach out to our service department at Audi Chandler with all your oil-related questions. Our team of certified technicians in our service center in Chandler, AZ has the answers, and we can expertly service your car.

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