Why GAP Insurance is Good for You

The value of your car depreciates immediately you are done with your paperwork. The brand new car becomes a used car the moment ownership is transferred from the dealer to you. Therefore, if your vehicle happens to be stolen or damaged, your insurance cover will probably get you a replacement of the depreciated car. GAP insurance comes in handy to cover the difference between the present cost of the vehicle and the amount you owe an auto loan.

Reasons why you should take GAP insurance:

  • If purchasing an expensive vehicle.
  • When buying a slightly used, new or leasing your car.
  • You are financing a new or used vehicle but with minimal down payment.
  • The cash you have is not sufficient to cover the gap between your outstanding loan and the actual value at hand in case your car is totaled or stolen.

GAP insurance is useful in helping you shoulder the financial burdens that come with damage or loss of your car. Our showroom in Chandler is open to you for all your inquiries and purchase of Gap insurance.


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