Automotive Service -- Cabin & Engine Air Filters

Many drivers do not understand that air flow is very important for their vehicle. Engines must breath just like people, and both need a significant amount of fresh air. Car owners commonly have their filters inspected when having the vehicle serviced, but many times air filter replacements are not made because they are presumed non-essential in the short run. The problem is that operating a vehicle with dirty air filters can lead to problems in the long run.

Engine air filters primarily need replacing because they can reduce fuel usage by allowing the engine to breath better as in runs. Keeping a clean air filter installed is almost as important to the life of the engine as regular oil changes. Cabin air filter replacement is generally focused on passenger health and is a good practice at each servicing.

Come see us in Chandler, AZ when your next oil change is due and let us inspect your vehicle for air filter replacement.

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