Enhance Your Control with a Suspension Tune-Up

Your suspension system plays an important part in the handling and control of your vehicle. Old or damaged suspension parts cause unnecessary bouncing, poor turning, and even tire damage. The good news is, if you keep an eye out for trouble signs and have repairs done when necessary, you can stay in control of your suspension and your vehicle. Parts to have inspected include:

  • Struts: If your vehicle has a strut-based suspension system, keep an eye on the coil-springs and vibration-absorbers for signs of leakage.
  • Springs and Shock Absorbers: If you have a double-wishbone system, you'll want the springs and shock absorbers assessed for fitness.
  • Control Arms: The control-arms provide support and strength for the hub carrier, and thus need to be in the best possible shape.

It takes seasoned professionals to spot and repair suspension issues, and at Audi Chandler in Chandler, AZ we have the knowledge and experience to care for your unique suspension issues. Contact us today to set up a quick consultation visit.

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