Rotating your Audi car’s tires is part of doing routine maintenance on your vehicle. There are signs that you need to look for to determine if your vehicle needs tire rotation outside of your regular maintenance schedule. Such signs include tires with uneven wear, noise, and even vibration. There are several benefits of rotating the car’s tires.

One of the main benefits of rotating tires is that it prolongs the tire life. Your tires will give you long-term service. You will also benefit from improved gas mileage. Rotation reduces vibrations. During rotation, the tire has to be removed, and it is an opportunity of checking undercarriage components. It is advisable that you rotate the tires when you have the oil changed.

If you notice that your tires have uneven tire wear, then it is time to schedule an appointment at Audi Chandler to get it fixed. Ensure that you remain safe while on the road by getting the tires rotated as soon as possible.

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